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Testing, Grading, and Cleaning

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Hundreds of thousands of phones are purchased through auctions, bought back through trade-in by carriers, recycling companies, and online platforms. These phones require testing, grading, cleaning and presenting back to environment friendly customer who care about sustainability who wish to use advance technology for affordable price. We make this process easier for traders, carriers, recycling companies, trade-in and buyback platforms, and consumers to provide them with high quality and affordable testing, grading, and cleaning service so devices are channeled to the right markets and segment of consumers.

We use reliable testing and grading software and have a qualified team that accurately grade your devices and gives you the best advice for repair and upgrading them to the next level. This helps you price the device accurately to maximize profit and prolong the product lifespans.

We give the device a 360º cleaning service, pack it elegantly, and make it look like new to increase the confidence and trust of the consumer in the product and improve the customer experience.

Functional testing includes the following:

  • Warranty Check and Blocks

  • Authenticity Check

  • Battery Drain

  • Force Touch

  • Touch ID

  • Touch ID

  • Keys

  • Apple warranty check

  • TrueDepth & FaceID

  • Vibration

  • iCloud lock check

  • Brightness sensor

  • Microphones

  • Operator block check

  • Proximity sensor

  • Cameras

  • Bluetooth LCD

  • Flash

  • Wi-Fi

  • Backlight

  • Upper and lower speakers

  • GPS

  • iCloud lock check

  • Burnt pixels

  • Accelerometer

  • NFC

  • Backlight spots

  • Headphone jack

  • Sim Card Reader

  • Touch

  • Right and left channel

  • Voice call

  • Physical SIM check

  • Manual check of the device