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Damaged Cover/Case & Back Glass

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The back cover of the phone, also known as full housing, rear housing, back case, or back glass assembly is common damage in C grades to D & E- grade phones. We understand the importance of case replacement in the process of upgrading the phone to give it a longer life. Our modern technology also takes care of the hardened glass of the cover that is precision cut to seamlessly fit into the frame and blends into the smooth edges of the metal frame of the phone. We carefully take care of the internal laser-welded steel and copper structure in case replacement. We microscopically seal the case for water and dust resistance. We take care of the following:

  • If the back glass is cracked or broken

  • If there are deep scratches on the back glass

  • if is unable to hold the charge

  • If the back glass is separating from the frame

  • the metal frame is bent or damaged

  • there are deep scratches on the case

  • the rear glass is cracked or damaged

  • and if you want to change color of the case