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Connectivity: Charging Ports, Wifi, Bluetooth, Network, Proximity, & NFC

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Phones are made to connect people and connect to other systems, technology, and devices. In the process of upgrading phones, we look deep into the connectivity issues to ensure it is correctly diagnosed and then fixed to sustain for as long as possible: We check and fixe the following:

Charging Ports:

Wifi, Bluetooth, & Network:

  • its not charging at all

  • it charges intermittently

  • does not detect in the computer

  • its working intermittently

  • takes time to charge

  • home button does not detect SIM

  • the charging cable does not go all the way in

  • not turning on

  • stuck on Apple logo

  • iPhone is heating up

  • switch is broker

  • does not boot up

  • does not charge


NFC, Face ID, & Touch

  • the screen does not turn off during calls when the phone is held to your ears

  • can see numbers dialed during a phone call

  • the NFC is not working at all

  • unable to pay using contactless payments

  • unable to read or label NFC tags

  • touch is not working

  • face ID does not work